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The littlepapercones are my version of the classic Auratone style small, single driver mixing speaker.

After auditioning the current market options for my own use I found myself less than convinced by their sound and usefulness, and also did not particularly care for the stylings on offer. Nor did the original Horrortone feel like a valid option for today's recording environment, although a classic for a reason..

So I decided to design & build a

single driver studio mix reference monitor.

Littlepapercones - boris sass mono studio reference speakers - mono monitors


The speaker gives a combination of forward, papery mids and surprisingly solid upper bass information, perfect for balancing mixes as expected, but also excellent for making all kinds of equalisation mistakes impossible to miss.

These little things are ruthless and will only sound right if your mix is very healthy. They will also tell you what needs doing to get there.

The benefit of such a tool, which essentially zooms you out from total detail listening and reduces the way you perceive the mix to the most important information only, is not to be underestimated.